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Thomas Kollin

We’re On Your Side After A Motor Vehicle Accident Injury

Every car crash is different for many important reasons, not the least of which are the people involved, from the victims to the witnesses. It can be hard to tell exactly what happened in the immediate aftermath of an accident. In fact, all you may know is that you are hurt and you need help.

At , attorney Thomas Kollin has a reputation for consistency and dedication in all personal injury claims. He’s got decades of experience and handles every single case that comes to us himself. He doesn’t pass you to an associate. He talks to you, learns about your struggles and then fights to get you compensation.

Getting To The Bottom Of The Accident

One of the most common pieces of advice people get when an insurance company calls them after an accident is to say as little as possible. A major reason you want to avoid saying too much is that if you say the wrong thing to the insurance company, it will impact your outcome.

Another important thing to remember is that you may not have all the facts about your accident. And that’s okay because the insurance company doesn’t either. Our team employs skilled investigators who can closely review your accident to get to the truth about what happened. They will:

  • Look at accident photos
  • Read police reports
  • Speak to witnesses
  • Look at any footage of the accident

Everyone who has a financial stake in your accident will take the time to look at everything available. You need a skilled team on your side fighting for you.

Large Truck Accidents Are Always A Struggle

Nowhere is your need for good information and strong representation more apparent than when you’re dealing with the problems that come with a truck accident. Trucking companies are aggressive in minimizing payouts, and there are lots of punitive regulations.

Our investigators and attorney Thomas Kollin get together to stand up against all of the obstacles between you and the outcome and compensation you deserve.

Complex Legal Issues Simplified

Whether it is a reimbursement lien or an overzealous legal team looking to deny your compensation, we are on your side. We stand up with you and make sure your voice is heard and your pain respected. Reach out today for a free consultation by calling 937-949-5732 or sending an email using this form.