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Thomas Kollin

About The Kollin Firm, LLC

Our Mission

At The Kollin Firm, LLC, we strive to provide outstanding legal representation to individuals injured as a result of others’ negligence, individuals accused crime, or individuals who are going through a divorce. We help clients through the most challenging periods of their life and we do it with professional service, genuine compassion and aggressive representation that enables our clients to leave our office in a much better position than they arrived.

The attorney and staff of The Kollin Firm, LLC, understand that bad things happen to good people and those individuals, who are often our friends and family, deserve the highest quality legal representation. Thomas Kollin is first and foremost a trial attorney. He knows the courtroom and are not afraid to take your case before a jury. Our team prepares each and every case as if it were going to trial because it is the best way we know to earn the respect of our adversaries and make certain our clients get the best possible results. There are many times our clients have been served best by going to trial and, because of this, many of our current clients get highly favorable results without having to go to trial because the opposition knows we are willing to go to trial and is familiar with Mr. Kollin’s track record.

We Put Ourselves In Your Shoes

We recognize that money is a factor when hiring a lawyer. We wish every client could hire experts to help his or her case, but they are extremely expensive. Therefore, attorney Kollin has developed intense cross-examination questions that allows him to use the state’s witnesses to your benefit.

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime in or around Dayton, you need a seasoned defense lawyer to fight for you. Our promise to each client is to do everything within the ethical rules to help you. We guarantee that we will devote 100 percent of our experience and effort to your case. We welcome your call to discuss your options.

You can rest assured that at The Kollin Firm, LLC, you are never treated as a “number” – you are treated as a respected client. Our clients receive personal attention and speak directly with the attorney assigned to their case. In many cases, we even give our clients our personal cell phone numbers so they can contact us any time of day or night with questions regarding their case. We are keenly aware that our clients are going through one of the most difficult experiences of their lives and deserve nothing less than the highest standards of legal representation. We believe that each client is unique and has a right to personal attention. We became lawyers to help people though difficult periods in their lives and the only way we know to do this is by actively communicating with our clients on a regular basis.

Please take your time and explore our website and do not hesitate to call us at 937-949-5732 or email us should you ever have a question regarding a legal matter. It would be our honor to serve as your legal counsel.