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What’s the difference between divorce and dissolution?

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2024 | Uncategorized

There are many different ways for people to approach the end of a marriage. A litigated or court-based contentious divorce may seem inevitable. After all, people tend to experience intense emotions during divorce and may struggle to agree with their spouses about what is appropriate or fair.

Contrary to what people expect, there is actually more than one way to navigate a divorce in Ohio. Specifically, it may be possible for couples to seek a dissolution instead of a contested divorce. Dissolution can be faster in many cases, which may also make it more cost-effective.

What is the difference between dissolution and divorce?

Dissolution is an uncontested process

Part of what makes divorce so time-consuming and expensive is the need for time in court. People need to have a family law judge review information about the family and interpret state law based on their circumstances.

Dissolution is different because it does not involve a judge creating a property division order or shared parenting arrangements for the divorcing couple. In a dissolution, all a judge needs to do is review and approve the terms set by the couple. Couples can either file for dissolution by resolving their disagreements early in the process or they can convert a family law action initiated as a divorce to dissolution if they resolve their dispute.

How do couples resolve disputes outside of court?

One of the most common ways that couples try to solve their disagreements involves the use of mediation. They sit down with a neutral third-party professional who hears both sides of the story and does their best to help them negotiate a settlement.

Other times, spouses may commit to collaborative divorce negotiations until they reach an agreement that allows for dissolution. An attorney can help someone evaluate their options for overcoming marital disputes and pursuit of a dissolution. They can also help someone establish reasonable expectations.

Learning about Ohio’s unique divorce statutes can benefit those looking for the best solution possible. Dissolution can be a much faster and more amicable option than traditional divorce. Reaching out to the team at the Kollin Firm can help those preparing for divorce choose the best approach given their goals and current circumstances.